Exam Review - Chapter 12

Adhesion receptor integrin binds molecules in

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Unformatted text preview: several cystolic or plasma membrane prtoesin b. Kinase activates transcription factor, altering gene expression c. Insulin receptor 3. Receptor guanylyl cyclase: ligand binds to extracellular domain of membrane receptors to stimulate formation of second- messneger cyclic GMP a. Cyclic GMP activates a cystolic protein kinase that phosphorylates cellular ptoeins and changes their activity 4. Gated ion channel: opens or closes in response to binding of chemical signal ligand or membrane potential 5. Adhesion receptor (integrin): binds molecules in extracellular matrix (macromolecular components), changes conformation, altering interaction with cytoskeleton 6. Nuclear receptor: binds specific ligands (hormones) that alter the rate at which speciic genes are transcribed and translated into cellular proteins G protein- coupled receptors: receptors...
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