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Data show that cpc 11 production actually averaged 02

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Unformatted text preview: n actually averaged 0.2 g/year during the 1950s, with negligible production before 1950. Assume all of the 1950-1959 production was emitted to the atmosphere in the same year it was produced. a) b) c) Calculate the CFC-11 concentration at the beginning of 1960. Assume that we account for 1950-1959 CFC-11 emissions as described in part (a). Does this new information influence the calculation of steady state CFC -11 concentration in Example 11.8? Explain. Does this new information influence the calculation of the time it takes for the concentration to reach 98 percent of the steady state value? Determine how long it takes (after 1960) and compare with Example 11.8. Solution #7: (a) Given for year...
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