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Assignment 2-solution

Solution 6 a given data average production rate cfc 12

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Unformatted text preview: Average production rate CFC-12 = 3.8 T = 102 years, Hence steady state concentration of CFC-12 = ( ⁄ ) (b) Emission of chlorine atoms by CFC-11 =( ⁄ ) ⁄ ) Emission of chlorine atoms by CFC-12 =( Hence, CFC-11 emits more chlorine atoms to the atmosphere (c) Given that emission continues indefinitely Steady state mass of chlorine for CFC-11 = Steady state mass of chlorine for CFC-12 = Hence, CFC-12 contribute towards more emission of chlorine to the atmosphere at steady state conditions. 7. In Example 11.8 we computed the steady state mass and concentration of CFC -11 for a constant emission rate of 1.2 g/year throughout the 1960s. We assumed that the emissions of this compound were zero before 1960. Data show that CPC -11 productio...
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