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2106 ft2 d determine the permeability e determine the

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Unformatted text preview: ft2 d) Determine the permeability. e) Determine the mechanical skin factor. ANSWER: The semi-log straight line corresponding to infinitely acting reservoir the slope of the semi-log straight line a) b) Pw(1)= ( ) () ( ) Pw(1)=(2200-2031.4)psi=168.6psi S= ( ) S=1.33 ENGI 8691/9110 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2012 Part II The pressure readings during a buildup test following a flow period of constant rate 1500 stb/day is shown in the table below. The length of the flow period is 40 hours and the pressure at the end of the flow period is 670 psia. We assume wellbore...
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