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Finite Test 3 Study Guide - Math 120 SP08 Test#3 Review 7.1...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 120 SP08 Test #3 Review: 7.1 – 7.6 Brodnick 7.1: Sample Spaces & Events *sample space for an experiment is the set of all possible outcomes (usually called S ) *an event is a subset of the sample space *union of two events E and F contains the outcomes in E or F , or both ( F E ∪ ) *intersection of two events E and F contains the outcomes in both E and F ( F E ∩ ) *complement of an event E contains the outcomes in S that are not in E ( E ′ ) *translating from mathematical symbols to English, and vice-versa * ∅ = ∩ F E means that E and F are mutually exclusive, or disjoint (can’t happen at the same time) 7.2: Estimated & Theoretical Probability *estimated probability is based on data obtained from actually doing an experiment * size sample or trials of # of frequency ) ( E E P = *estimated probability distribution: collection of all of the outcomes and their probabilities (in a table) *theoretical probability is the “actual” probability based on intuition and knowledge of experiments – based on what you expect...
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