BIOC 431 Exam 3 F12

The two enzymes of the glyoxylate shunt are 1

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Unformatted text preview: + CoASH + NAD+ succinyl- CoA + CO2 + NADH + H+ (b) What factors regulate their activities? CS activated by ADP; inhibited by NADH, ATP, citrate, succinyl- CoA IDH activated by ADP, NAD+, isocitrate, Ca++; inhibited by NADH, ATP α- KG activated by CA++; inhibited by NADH, succinyl- CoA [7] Aconitase is a bifunctional enzyme and these two activities are controlled by iron. (10 points) (a) What is the effect on aconitase activity of very high iron concentration in the production isocitrate? Low iron concentrations? Since aconitase has an iron- sulfur cluster at its active site, it can not function as an enzyme in the absence of iron and is only fully active at high iron concentrations (b) What is the effect on the second, regulatory function of the cytosolic aconitase isozyme at high or low iron concentrations? You may include a diagram with legend in your answer. In the absence of iron the cytosolic aconitase has a different conformati...
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