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Math 120 SP08 SBrodnick 1 1 Chapter 7 : Probability 7.1 2 * Experiment : an occurrence with a result, or outcome that is uncertain. * Set of all possible outcomes is sample space for the experiment * Given sample space S, event E is subset of S * Outcomes in E are called favorable outcomes * E occurs if the outcome of the experiment is an element of E
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Unformatted text preview: 3 7.1: Sample Spaces & Events * Complement of an event E means that E does not occur * Union of events E and F is set of all outcomes in E or F (or both): E U F * Intersection of events E and F is set of all outcomes in E and F : E ∩ F * If E ∩ F = Ø, then E and F are disjoint or mutually exclusive i.e., impossible for E and F to occur at the same time...
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