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Scott Salmon Presentation

Scott Salmon Presentation - Everybody has a favorite rock...

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Everybody has a favorite rock star or some kind of musician. Bon Jovie? Mcjagger perhaps? Maybe even Clay Aiken. However, for me, that favorite rock star just so happens to be my older brother, Scott. For the past seven years he had been in various bands until he finally landed a winner as the vocalist for Marking Twain and is currently on tour in over twenty different states. He is my most admired business person because of his ability to think outside the box, to take risks, and to chase his dreams. Each of us had individual aspirations growing up. He dreamed of becoming a Hollywood Star while I dreamed of becoming a Pokemon Master. Yet, even though our dreams may have been at ends, our brotherhood kept us together thanks to his unique character. His charisma and wit could be seen as early as age nine. When asked to complete a 100 word essay by his 3 rd grade teacher, Mrs. Siebert, Scott chose to bend the rules a bit. While all the other students were viciously writing away, Scott whipped out the crayon box and starting drawing an image. At the end of the class he stood up with a smirk on his face and handed the picture to his teacher. When asked where his paper was he simply told her, “A picture’s worth a hundred words, right?” Mrs. Siebert simply smiled and said “That’s exactly right.” Today I still see his ability to think outside the box in the music he composes and the lyrics he writes. “Marking Twain’s innovative jazzy- rock style and lyrical approach is what is going to allow this band to make it big one day. Be on the lookout for Marking Twain!” was a quote Cincinnati Enquirer editor, John Bates in a 2006 article on hot bands in the area. He could have easily just kept writing the same kind of lyrics the band had been writing for years. Rather than write about sappy heart-breaks and cheesy romance, Scott wrote from personal experience. Every song he has written, he told me last week, was about someone in particular, whether it be about
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