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1billionfollowers islamhasaround13billionfollowers

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Unformatted text preview: al system over another European Colonialism (age of colonization) Spain & Portugal & Latin Americas Great Britain & India Forced upon other people Cultural nationalism—the process of protecting & defending a certain cultural system against dilution or offensive cultural expression while at the same time actively promoting the indigenous culture Middle Eastern countries censoring TV/movies France censoring how much English is used on radio/TV Cultural syncretism and hybridization—the blending of forces to form a new culture Language & Culture— Language and culture is intertwined Language defines and differentiates a culture Important part of national/ethnic identity Language families—a first­order grouping of languages into large unites based on common ancestral speech Consists of languages believed to have a common origin Language branches or groups (subfamilies)—include similar sounds, words, grammar Indo­European family includes Germanic Branch and Romance Branch Indo­European is the largest language family (speaking & geographic diffusion) About half the world’s population speaks an Indo­European language Dialect—a distinctiveness associated with a specific language Regional differences in pronunciation or vocabulary Lobsterman in Maine vs. Rancher in West Texas Lingua Franca—a third language that is adopted by people from different cultural groups who cannot speak each other’s language Swahili in Africa English is the international language of business and communication Chinese become a Lingua Franca? A Geography of World Regions— Universalizing religion—attempts to appeal to all people Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism Actively seeks new members Ethnic Religion—identified closely with a specific ethnic group, does not actively seek converts Judaism and Hinduism Ethnic group—group that has commonality such as language, culture, etc. Secularization—either non­religious or atheistic (deemphasize religion in society and government) 1.1 billion worldwide Christianity is the world’s largest religion 2.1 bil...
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