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Unformatted text preview: estate bubbles Social inequality and employment pressure 3/8/13 Get slides from Drawbacks of Urbanization in China to end of Chapter 11 Global resource Procurement— East Asia is major importers of food and resources Japan World’s largest food importers High rates of fish consumption Meat, wheat and livestock feed importers from U.S., Canada, etc. Soybeans imported from Brazil and US Imports lumber and pulp from US, Canada, S. America, etc. Relies on energy and raw material imports China— Began importing food in the 1990s Recent increase in meat demand—changing dietary preferences Reordering the patterns of global trade China is purchasing energy and mineral resources for development Proactively searching the globe for resources Large investment in Africa and Central Asia Angola video Cultural Coherence and Diversity— Chinese culture approximately 4000 years old What culturally unifies the region? Religious and philosophical beliefs of Buddhism and Confucianism Chinese writing system, ideographic writing Symbols or characters represent ideas rather than sounds Disadvantage—difficult to learn Advantage—two people need not speak the same language to be able to communicate Cultural Coherence and Diversity— Japan—borrowed Chinese script, called Kanji Developed Hiragana Each symbol represents a distinct syllable Katakana used to represent words of foreign origin Written Japanese employs all symbolic systems Taiwan—utilizes traditional Chinese symbols Mainland China uses “simplified” Chinese characters Korea developed alphabet system in the 1400s Hangul—created to differentiate from Chinese culture Relatively easy to learn Mandarin or Putonghua is the common language in China Language and ethnicity more complex than Japan or Korea Confucianism— Philosophy developed by Confucius NOT a religion To generate social stability How to lead a good life, organize a proper society Emphasized on education, literature, philosophy Family unit, male dominate...
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