All Notes for GEOG 2253

All Notes for GEOG 2253

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Unformatted text preview: worked due to colonization and global trade Severe environmental problems Soil erosion, deforestation Population & Settlement— Population 43 million High population densities— 64% living in cities Few large cities 87% live on the Greater Antilles Rimland countries lightly populated Growth rates down 1.2% RNI Emigration Caribbean diaspora—economic flight of Caribbean peoples across the globe One of the highest negative rates of net migration in the world at –3.0 For every 1000 people in the region, 3.0 leave annually Barbadians to England Surinamese to Netherlands Jamaicans to USA Puerto Ricans to New York Cubans to Miami Remittances important (money sent back to home country) Cultural Coherence and Diversity— The plantation system and slave labor historically define the area Plantation America—Anthropologist Charles Wagley Ruled by Europeans, dependent on African Slaves, existed on the coasts and produced agricultural exports Creates rigid class lines and multiracial society Plantations typically focused on mono­crop production Reliance on single crop or commodity (typically sugar) Impacts of Colonization— Plantation system destroyed indigenous systems and peoples Spanish brutality, enslavement, disease, etc. By mid­16th century the region mostly uninhabited African Diaspora—forced removal of Africans from their homeland 16th­19th century slaves from West Coast of Africa Transatlantic slave trade—at least 10 million Africans landed in Americas 2 million died in route Most slave from West Africa Gold Coast (Ghana) is main origin Bight of Biafra (Nigeria) Angola African languages, customs, beliefs were blended in the Caribbean Maroons—communities of runaway slaves Most settlement short­lived except in Suriname African Religions—linked to Maroon societies Culture of witch doctors, spirit possession and prophets Spread of religion and magical practices to the Caribbean Voodoo is specific—Haiti Impacts of Colonization on people— Indentured labor in mid­19th century from Asia Laborers contr...
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