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Berlinwall causes politicalinstabilityinsovietunion

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Unformatted text preview: Moksha—the release of soul the cycle of rebirth Sanskrit—sacred languages of Hinduism Hindu Deities—Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), Shiva (Destroyer) Minor deities—Durga (warrior goddess), Ganesh (popular—remover of obstacles), Laxmi (goddess of wealth) The Caste System— Caste system—strict division of Hindus into ranked hereditary groups Brahmin are at the top Priests Professional class Kshatriyas Warriors Vaishyas Merchant class Mohandas Gandhi All of these are twice born ^^ Sudra Farmers and craftsmen Dalits Untouchables “unclean occupations” A Challenge to the Caste System— Who is Buddha? Regional statues— Fat, bald happy—Korea, China, Japan Slender—SE Asia, South Asia Prince Gautama, born 563 BCE From elite caste, but rejected wealth and power Sought to attain union with the universe Enlightenment or Nirvana Taught that enlightenment was open to everyone Buddhism— Karma (reap what you sow) Cycle of rebirth (numerous lifetimes and different forms) 4 Noble Truths— 1) Life causes suffering 2) Suffering caused by craving Enlightenment ends suffering Enlightenment achievable by following the path of Buddha Faith spread throughout South Asia, and East, SE and Central Asia and retreated from South Asia Cultural Coherence and Diversity Arrival of Islam Around 1000 CE Turkic Muslims arrived by 1300 most of South Asia under Muslim Rule Mughal Empire, a powerful Muslim state, dominated during 16th and 17th centuries Conversion in northwest (Pakistan) and northeast (Bangladesh) Contemporary Geographies of Religion— Hinduism— Major faith of India and Nepal; worship differs by region Hindus less than 1% in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Islam— 450 million Muslims in the region Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives 15% of population in India is Muslim Sikhism— Sikhism: faith incorporating elements of Hinduism and Islam Originated in Punjab in 1400s, still concentrated in Punjab Sikh men noted for work as soldiers and bodyguards Buddhi...
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