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Unformatted text preview: ional problems are usually responsible for food unavailability Political problems the cause for uneven distribution of food resources Globalization is causing dietary preferences to change worldwide 2/3 of world is vegetarian more meat in diets cultural tastes changing Africa & South Asia are areas of greatest concern regarding food security Food Resources— Industrialized & traditional agriculture Indsutrialized agriculture 25% of the world’s farmlands uses large amounts of energy and chamicals relies on irrigation Subsitence farming Farming that produces enough crops or livestock for a family’s survival Self­sufficent farming EVERYTHING ABOVE IS FOR TEST 1 2/6/13 Chapter 3: North America North America— Setting the boundaries— North America includes the US and Canada Sometimes called “Anglo America” because of ties to Britain, but N America has become culturally diverse through globalization and immigration A place of immense variety Extremely diverse Unique ethnic and cultural character Europeans, Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, Indigenous people Canada—French & English Quebec=French Colony Globalization in N America— Globalization is evident throughout N America Everything international Food, music, culture, products, economy and people Internet allows access to the world Growing foreign­born population Tourism—Disney World, Las Vegas, etc. Millions of foreign visitors each year North American capital and culture Strong influence on other cultures and regions around the world “Exporting” American culture Americans teaching English all over the world Highly mobile population Americans visit Europe, Caribbean and Asia American technology, industry, services Fast food, TV, Movies (USA has 70% of European film market, 50% of Japanese film market) Internet dominated by many things American Popular American websites—Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, Wikipedia, LinkedIn Mass consumption— A region of consumers Highest rates of resource consumption in the world Material abundance— Large houses, satellite dishes, restaurants and shopping malls, name brands Yet poor and rural inner­city populati...
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