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Unformatted text preview: resist US influenced popular culture Geographies of Language— Language important component of nationalism Most Europeans learn multiple languages EU recognizes over 20 official languages 90% of Europe speaks Germanic, Romance, or Slavic languages all linguistic groups of the Indo­European family Germanic Languages— 200 million speakers German, English, etc. English as a second language Romance languages— 200 million speakers Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese Slavic Languages— 80 million speakers Eastern Europe Geographies of Religion— Contemporary religion— 250 million Roman Catholics 100 million Protestants Eastern Orthodox 13 million Muslims Most are migrants 2 million Jews Around 9.5 million prior to WWII Secularization in Europe (less emphasize on religion, church’s power declining) Since WWII church attendance has declined Religious conflicts Northern Ireland—Irish Nationalist (Catholics) vs. British Loyalist (Protestants) The Troubles The Troubles— Concrete barriers separate the Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods 4000 deaths since 1960s Globalization and Cultural Nationalism— Since WWII Europe has been inundated with American Culture (music, TV, consumer goods) UK, Italy, Hungary more accepting of US culture France, Germany fight to preserve their local foods and culture Recent influx of Muslim migrants is adding a new cultural element Ethnic clustering or ghettoization occurring Formation of ghettos in cities of Western Europe African and Arab Muslim migrants are targets due to headwear The Burqa Debate in France French leaders unsettled by the country’s large Muslim migrant population 7.5 million Muslims French senate approved a law banning any veils that cover the face, including the Burqa Garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies in public places France the first European country to plan such a measure Law passed by a vote of 246 to 1 4/8/13 Geopolitical Framework— Cold War geography after WWII (...
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