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Unformatted text preview: penalties for non­compliance Strategy successful, fertility level reduced to 1.6 Birth rates low in cities, higher in rural areas Growing gender imbalance—boys>girls Male heirs continue lineage Baby girls aborted, gender selective abortion China: Position of Women— Relatively low position in Chinese society Foot binding practice Feet of elite girls broken, bound for daintiness Girls leave families when they are toddlers Not all women suffered in pre­modern China, some achieved fame, fortune Both governments attempt to achieve equality Women now have high participation in the Chinese workforce Women still not achieved positions of power 2/11/13 Chapter 12: South Asia— South Asia at a Glance— Often called the “Indian subcontinent” World’s most populous region Region is continuing to grow at rapid pace Food security concerns Economically, one of the world’s poorest region South Asia was a British colony for several centuries; independent since 1947 India and Pakistan have fought several wars and remain locked in conflict Kashmir territorial dispute Most likely candidates for nuclear conflict Home of Nepal’s 29,028 foot Mt. Everest World’s highest mountain Subject to devastating monsoon rains Less connected to the globalized world than East or SE Asia Two major river systems: Indus river—largest river Ganges—sacred river Setting the Boundaries— India—the former “Jewel in the Crown” Largest in size and population for the region 1 million square miles Seventh largest country in the world 1.1 billion inhabitants Second only to china (will surpass in our lifetime) World’s largest democracy Mostly Hindu Country— Religious, linguistic and ethnic diversity exists Mumbai (Bombay) Largest city in South Asia, 14 million Finance, commerce, industry New Delhi— The capital 11 million people (megacity) Kolkata (Calcutta) 12 million people Migration pressures Mother Theresa Pakistan—second largest in size and population 1/3 the size of India 181 million inhabitants 15% of the population of India Once part of the larger British colonial realm of “India” Predominantly Muslim country Stronger ties with its Muslim neighbors in Southwest Asia Bangladesh—one of the world’s most densely populated places and also one of the poorest Population of 162 million Area the size of Wisconsin Originally East Pakistan Achieved independence from Pakistan in 1971 Mostly Muslim Nature’s hit List Suffers from severe...
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