All Notes for GEOG 2253

All Notes for GEOG 2253

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Unformatted text preview: y of China’s growing military power Neighboring countries concerned about their future China claims it has no “imperial” ambitions US now seeks closer ties with Japan and India Economic and Social Development— Economic and social development in East Asia varies from country to country Overall, rapid economic growth since the 1970s Japan’s Economy— Japan the Pacesetter of the World Economy in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s but economic growth has remained slow since the 1990s 1950s—“economic miracle” Export manufactured materials Later, cars, cameras, electronics and computers By the late 1980s, leaders in high­tech industry Relocated many factories to SE Asia, China Global Economic Crisis of 2008—2009 has “hit” Japan hard—economy contracted by 3.5% Still a global economic power Multinationals invest in N. America, UK, Asia World leader in robotics, optics and machine tools Japan is the world’s biggest creditor nation Lends money to foreign countries Japan’s Social Conditions— Living standards slightly lower than the US Social amenities expensive Central heating/cooling rare But many benefits unlike the US Low unemployment Healthcare—provided by the government Crime rates extremely low Life expectancy, infant mortality, and literacy higher than US Lacks poverty found in some parts of the US Women in Japan— Advanced career opportunities limited Mothers expected to devote time to family Men contribute little to child care, focus on socializing after work After 1990s, reduced careers for women Response by women Drop in the marriage rate, abandoning the idea Drop in fertility rate 2005 more deaths than births decline in population, implications? Newly Industrialized Countries— South Korea— 1960s, rise of South Korea Gov’t encouraged export­led economic growth Transition from consumer goods to high­tech Large conglomerates known as Chaebol Samsung, Hyundai and LG Korean companies are becoming MNC’s South Korea invests heavily in education First country in the world to provide high­speed internet access for ever...
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