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Unformatted text preview: ractices, political organization, etc. Growth—increase in the size of system Quality of goods or services produced Measuring Economic Wealth— GDP—Gross Domestic Product— Value of all final goods and services in a country Used to gauge the health of a governments economy GNI—Gross National Income— GDP + net income from abroad I.E. Profits of USA companies operating abroad Does not account for environmental degradation, depletion of resources, etc. Snapshot of country’s economy for a specific period, not a indicator of future growth, development or social well­being GNI per capita—obtained by dividing the GNI by a country’s population Economic & Social Development—Measuring Economic Wealth PPP—Purchasing Power Parity— Adjustment that takes into account the strength or weakness of local currency Involves currency exchange rates The amount of goods a currency can purchase within two nations varies drastically The Big Mac Index is an informal method of measuring PP Economic Growth Rate— Annual growth of GNI or GDP over 5 years The average growth rate for developing countries is considerably higher than those of the developed countries Only 10% of world are in the highest category of wealth Indicators of Social Development—Measuring Social Development Human Development Index (HDI)—combines data on life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, gender equity and income Life expectancy—average length of life expected at birth for a hypothetical male or female based on national death statistics Mortality rate—under age 5 mortality –measure of the number of children who die per 1,000 persons Influenced by health care, availability of food, public sanitation, etc. Gender Equity—ratio of male and female students in primary and secondary school 1/28/13 Chapter #2: Changing Global Environment: Exam 1 Over Ch. 1 &2 ON WEDNESDAY The Changing Global Environment— Humans depend on the environment for survival Resource for food supply An energy source Source of recreation Source of medicine Natural resources for industrial products Humans have an impact on the physical environment Humans physically change the landscape & environment (positive) Domesticate animals and plants...
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