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Unformatted text preview: to the region Cultural tensions Traditional Hindu and Muslim norms frown upon overt display of sexuality Western tourists in Goa Religious leaders criticize Western films and music as immoral South Asia Global Diaspora— Emigration of many South Asians spreading their culture around the world. Historically South Asians settled in British Colonies Today South Asians relocated to the USA and UK Pakistanis to UK and Indians to USA South Asia in Global Cultural Context— Bollywood—Hindi—language film industry based in Mumbai, India Largest film producer in India Makes more movies a year than Hollywood International sales increasing Popular throughout Asia Even popular in US and UK Bollywood influenced by Hollywood musicals of the 1920s and 1950s and more recently by MTV Often filmed in US or Europe Economic and Social Development— Along with Sub­Saharan Africa, South Asia is the poorest world region Chronically undernourished people Two­thirds of Indians live on less than $2/day Bangladesh and Nepal even poorer 40% of Bangladeshis live on less than $1/day Should not be considered a zone of misery About 300 million Indians own TVs, motorbikes, etc. Annual growth between 7­8% Relatively unaffected by 2008­2009 economic crisis Environmental: all about water, flooding and water shortages Settlement: mostly rural, but population growth and migration creating extremely dense and populous urban environments Cultural: one of the most culturally diverse regions, religious and linguistic diversity Geopolitical: Threat of nuclear attack between India and Pakistan; many smaller areas suffer from conflicts Economic: some in high tech, but other areas still very poor with low health and education Rickshaw Pullers—Calcutta EVERYTHING ABOVE IS FOR TEST 3 Chapter 8: Europe— Europe at a Glance— A continent? Peninsula of Eurasia Eastern boundary? (Russia) 41 countries 531 million people Cradle of Western Civilization Major Colonial Power The first Globalizers Industrial Revolution History of Warfare Relatively small when compared to N. America Latitude wise a Northern Region Similar to Canada Medieval T and O Map— How the world was divided 4/3/13 Europe at a Glance— One of the most diverse places on Earth Mosaic of languages, religions and landscapes Diversity and Regional differences responsible for Nationalism and war Main battleground for WWI and WWII Divided by the Cold War Europe is globalizing and setti...
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