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Unformatted text preview: cy & longer commutes Inner cities deteriorate and crime rises Unemployment & poverty rates in inner city increase Shrinking tax base Racial tension & segregation Urban renewal— Gentrification—movement of wealthy individuals to run­down inner city areas Inner city is improved Property value increases New businesses, shopping, etc. Lower­income residents displaced Cultural coherence & diversity— Powerful historical forces formed a common dominant culture within North America Roots of a cultural identity Great Britain is a heavy influence Representative government, separation of church & state, privacy, individualism(main American value) and social mobility After 1920—Consumer culture formed identity Mainly from mass media and advertisement (holidays being commercialized) Pluralism—numerous distinct ethnic groups Ethnicity or ethnic group— Group of people with common background and history identify with one another; usually a minority group in a larger society Numerous ethnic groups exists within the US (ethnicity is not race) Peopling North America— Cultural assimilation—process by which immigrants are absorbed by a larger host society Can be forced upon a society (Africans as slaves) Ex: Education systems, media, government, church—how society is supposed to act Future cultural geography of the US— Nation’s Hispanic population continues to grow 12 million Mexican­born residents half of Hispanics live in Texas or California yet, other areas have seen dramatic increases in of immigrant Hispanic population in recent years Asian migrants the fastest growing group Chinese now the 3rd most common language in US California the key point of entry for Asian immigrants Largest groups— Chinese—23% Asian Indians—19% Filipino—18% Vietnamese—11% Korean—10% Future cultural geography and demography of the US will be defined by recent immigration patterns Immigrants pulled to NA because of political and economic stability By 2070, Asians will total more than 10% of the total population and almost every one American in 3 will be Hispanic Non­Hispanic white population will have minority status by 2070 North America & Global Economy— NA plays a pivotal role in the global economy (Europe, Japan, and China) Spurred the creation of IMF, World Bank, and WTO US & Canada are m...
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