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Unformatted text preview: sm and Jainism— Buddhism virtually disappeared in India in medieval era Sri Lanka: Theravada Buddhism a national religion Tibetan Buddhism is high in the valleys of the Himalayas Jainism (500 BCE) stresses extreme nonviolence Jains forbidden to kill any living creature Contemporary Religious Diversity— Hinduism—India and Nepal Islam—Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives Sikhism—Punjab region Buddhism—Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan Jainism—Northwest India Geographies of Language— Indo­European in northern South Asia Hindi, Bengali close to English Dravidian languages in Southern India Tamil, borrowed from Sanskrit Tibeto­Burman languages in northern rim Several language spoken by most residents In India, languages associated with states Political subdivisions along linguistic lines Indo­European North— Hindi—language of India, most widely spoken in S. Asia 500 million speakers 2nd most widely spoken language in the world Official language in 10 Indian States Bengali—language of Bangladesh 2nd most widely spoken language in S. Asia, 200 million people National language—Bangladesh Spoken in Kolkata—literary and intellectual centers Punjabi 100 million speakers, 2/3 Pakistani Urdu—official language of Pakistan Spoken by Muslims Arabic script Language of the South— Dravidian Languages—Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Associated with each state in India Tamil oldest written language, largest literature Tamil also spoken in Sri Lanka Linguistic Nationalism—language with politics Hindi declared national language in 1947 but problems mounted, so each state can select its own language resulting in 22 “official” languages English also an official language, international benefits Children of the elite learn English before school Linguistic Diversity— Dravidian—unique to SA Most widely spoken language is Hindi Multilingualism—using many languages South Asia in Global Cultural Context— Widespread use of English facilities the spread of global culture in...
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