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Unformatted text preview: an— Approx. 750 people per square mile Actually much higher considering population concentratedin cities Settlement restricted to only 15% of the country’s land South Korea— Approx. 1,100 persons per square mile Taiwan— Approx. 1,300 persons per square mile United States (for reference) Approx. 88 persons per square mile Chinas population concentrated on coast (Eastern half) Sichuan Basin & North China Plain highly populated North Korea sparsely and less densely populated compared to the rest of East Asia Japanese Settlements— Highly urbanized, supporting two of the world’s largest metropolitan areas in the world: Tokyo and Osaka Japan faces population loss, due to aging population and low birth rates (expensive to raise kid in Japan) Agriculture limited to the coasts and basins Rice is the major crop, requires flat land Settlements— Concentrated in the same place as agriculture Dense settlement patterns Restricted by terrain Japanese cities—characterized by dense settlements Japanese cities— Mostly new Cities and historical buildings destroyed in WWII Japan home of the superconurbation (megalopolis) Huge zone of consolidated metropolitan areas Space limited and expensive Capsule Hotels, Tokyo Vending machines, Japan Japan characterized by “bipolarity” rather than urban primacy Resources distributed among more than one city Tokyo—capital, main business center and educational center Osaka—trading center and major port Kyoto—former imperial capital and center of traditional culture One of the few cities not fire bombed during WWII 3/6/13 Subway pushers video Shibuya crossing video Settlements in Taiwan and Korea— Taiwan, Korea—highly urbanized South Korea & Taiwan more densely populated than Japan Taiwan most densely populated country in East Asia South Korea noted for urban primacy Korea dominated by the capital city Seoul City is over 10 million Greater metropolitan area contains 40% of Korea’s total population Concentration of most major governmental, economic and cultural institutions Taipei is the political, economic and cultural institution Both South Korea & Taiwan have urban primacy Settlement in China— Chin...
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