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Unformatted text preview: floods and monsoon rains and cyclones Nepal—known for the Himalayan Mountain Chain Home to 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains Mount Everest 27 million people Historically linked to Buddhism Birthplace of Buddha Majority of population practices Hinduism Open to contemporary world (most globalized) Bhutan—located in the Himalayan Mountains Relatively isolated Buddhist Kingdom Less than 1 million inhabitants Purposely disconnected from the global system Last country to allow TVs Monarchy until 2008 Only country to measure and record “happiness” GNH—Gross National Happiness (only country to record this) Sri Lanka—island country known for white sand beaches and lush tropical forests “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” Predominantly Buddhist (very) 20 million inhabitants Home to a major civil war from 1983—2009 Could reignite Famous for exporting tea and coffee Maldives—group of 26 island atolls 300,000 inhabitants Lowest country on the planet Highest point is only 6 feet above sea level If sea levels rise due to global warming the island nation will be entirely flooded Islam the official religion Open practice of other religions not tolerated Environmental Issues in South Asia— Flooding Forest and deforestation Causes—agricultural, urban and industrial expansion Fuel wood shortage leads to use of manure for heating, rather than fertilizer Water and air pollution South Asia’s Monsoon Climates— Mostly tropical and subtropical climates The dominant climatic factor for most of SA is the monsoon The distinct seasonal change between wet and dry periods Seasonal change of wind direction Rainy summer monsoon—June to October Dry winter season—November to February Natural Hazards in Bangladesh— Bangladesh is prone to the natural disaster of flooding due to being situated on the Ganges Delta Natural calamites such as floods, tropical cyclones and tornadoes ravage the country particularly the coastal belt almost every year Rapid population growth has caused people to move to regions affected by monsoon and flooding related problems Each year in Bangladesh around 18% of the country is flooded During severe floods the affected area may exceed 75% of the co...
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