Iv what is the melting temperature of fe3c b consider

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Unformatted text preview: (iv) What is the melting temperature of Fe3C? b) Consider an Fe-1.0 wt% C alloy equilibrated at 728 o C i) indicate the phase or phases present; ii) indicate the composition of each phase; iii) determine how much of each phase is present; iv) provide a well-labeled sketch of a possible microstructure. c) Suppose one sample of this steel is slowly cooled in air from 728 o C to room temperature. Sketch a possible (well-labeled) microstructure. Problem 3. 40 pts. A structural application in a large building calls for loading a column (rod) under a tensile stress of 200 MPa at temperatures that can reach 200 o C. The design lifetime of the building is 75 years. The maximum applied load cannot exceed 60% of the yield strength. T...
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