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Foundations of Behavior PSY 206 Unit 1-DB By Michelle Mantonya Nov.11, 2007 With children, behavior modification is a must. There is an enormous amount of negative influences to corrupt a young mind. There are also as many ways of rewarding good behavior like, high fives, saying “good job!”, having a special one on one time, or a sticker system. Just to name a few. Most of the time, it is a good way to combat the negative influences, when used correctly, unless your child has behavioral disabilities. The benefits of rewarding good behavior include: You are reassuring the child that they have performed an acceptable act. The child most likely will want to repeat the good behavior.
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Unformatted text preview: • The child will become confident in making the right decision. • Confident decision-making will better self-esteem. It can have negative effects if it is used incorrectly. So many parents make the mistake of not being consistent with rewards and/or punishments, which in turn can confuse the young mind into thinking that an inappropriate behavior is all right. The child might think that they should receive a reward for an inappropriate behavior, and carry on with bad behaviors until they get what they want because they learn about the inconsistencies. The child’s self-esteem more likely would drop, which could lead to more bad behaviors....
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