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Math 120 SP08 Section 1.5 Notes Brodnick Linear Regression Calculator Steps : To get back to default settings (if a list disappears): STAT 5:SetUpEditor ENTER To turn diagnostics on (so you can see correlation coefficient r ): 2 nd 0 1 - x scroll down to DiagnosticsOn ENTER ENTER Entering the data: STAT 1:Edit… type x ’s in L1 and y ’s in L2 * To clear a list, scroll up to highlight the column heading (L1 or L2) CLEAR ENTER Running the regression: STAT CALC 4:LinReg(ax + b) ENTER * a is the slope, b is the y -intercept * r tells how well the line fits the data
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Unformatted text preview: h r positive: line has positive slope / h r negative: line has negative slope \ h r close to -1 or 1 means good fit To see the scatterplot: 2 nd Y= 1:Plot1 * highlight On and press ENTER * Type: highlight the first picture and press ENTER * make sure Xlist is L1 and Ylist is L2 * the first mark style is fine highlight the little box next to Mark: and press ENTER * ZOOM 9:ZoomStat To see the regression line with the scatterplot: Y= clear anything in Y1 VARS 5:Statistics EQ 1:RegEQ GRAPH...
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