5x10 4 ins and a diameter of 12 the total heads at

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Unformatted text preview: ded to transport the soil to the embankment site. Answers: a) 91344 kN, b) 171 trucks 1 5) The cylindrical soil sample shown in the figure has a hydraulic conductivity of 2.5x10-4 in/s and a diameter of 12”. The total heads at the inlet and the outlet are kept constant. Calculate: 45 " a. Flow rate in in3/s (5 pts) b. Pore water pressure at point B (10 pts). C 20" 30 o 6" A 16" 34" B DATUM Answers: a) 0.011 in3/s, b) 134.6 lb/ft2 2 FINE GRAINED (F200>50%) INORGANIC soils 3 COARSE GRAINED (F200<50%) soils 4 Figure 5.3 LL versus PI graph and the USCS classification. 5...
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