When sand is completely dry b when sand is 40

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Unformatted text preview: m3) under the following conditions: a. When sand is completely dry b. When sand is 40% saturated Hint: Use phase diagram and assume volume of solids (Vs)=1. Answers: a) 103.7 lb/ft3, b) 113.1 lb/ft3 3) Classify the following soil using AASHTO and USCS. The liquid limit and plastic limit of this soil are 43 and 28, respectively. Sieve No. 4 No. 10 No. 40 No. 200 Percent Passing (%) 100 92 75 62 Answers: a) A-7-6 (8), b) ML : Sandy silt 4) An embankment with dime...
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