Finite Chapter 7.4

Finite Chapter 7.4 - March 1 2005 You decide to select four...

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Math 120 SP08 Section 7.4 Notes Brodnick Probability & Counting Techniques Directions : First, set up each problem. Then, go back and compute the answers. Round your answers to 4 decimal places, if necessary. (Remember: AND × OR +) A bag contains 3 blue, 5 red, 4 green, 2 yellow, and 6 orange marbles. 1. Grab 4 randomly a. P (all 4 are red)? b. P (exactly 2 blue)? c. P (no greens)? d. P (at most 1 yellow)? e. P (at least 2 orange)? f. P (no red or yellow)? (*be careful on this one…) 2. Grab 10 randomly a. P (exactly 2 blue)? b. P (get all the greens)? c. P (all 10 are yellow)? d. P (exactly 2 blue and exactly 2 green)? e. P (no blue, green, or yellow)? (*be careful on this one…) f. P (no more than 3 red)? 3. A committee of 5 public relations representatives is to be formed. Seven men and six women are available and wanting to join. a. P (all 5 are men)? b. P (all 5 are women)? c. P (at least 4 men)? d. P (at most 2 women)? e. P (not all 5 are women)?
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4. The following table displays the six most active stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange on
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Unformatted text preview: March 1, 2005. You decide to select four of these stocks to make your portfolio. Company Symbol Close Change Elan ELN $7.99 +$0.02 Titan TTN $18.15 +$0.80 Nokia NOK $10.02 –$0.22 Lear LEA $44.80 –$7.96 British Petroleum BP $63.59 –$0.52 Pfizer PFE $26.77 +$0.16 a. Find the probability that your portfolio included NOK and PFE. b. Find the probability that at least two of the stocks in your portfolio increased in value. 5. A test requires that you answer Parts I and II or Parts I and III. Part I consists of 5 multiple choice questions with 6 choices each. Part II requires you to match 7 questions with 7 different answers one-to-one, and Part III consists of 8 true-false questions. Assuming that you make random choices in filling out your answer sheet, what is the probability that you will earn 100% on the test? (Leave your answer as a formula – do not actually compute it.)...
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Finite Chapter 7.4 - March 1 2005 You decide to select four...

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