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Assignment 1 Outline

Capsules would receive a constant acceleration in the

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Unformatted text preview: the developer now work? 2) Now: What organization develops Python now? What different organization maintains Canopy? 3) Zen of Python: In the Canopy shell enter “import this”. Pick one line that seems meaningful to you and use it as your answer. Question 2—Space Cannon [7 marks] Description Your engineering company has been asked to evaluate a proposal for a space cannon, one that would fire capsules into low earth orbit from an island near the equator, using an electromagnetic mass driver. Capsules would receive a constant acceleration in the cannon, and would then coast COMP 1012 Winter 2014 Assignment 1 Page 2 of 11 into orbit with no further propulsion.1 You are to write a computer program that performs a simple analysis of the proposal. Theory This section introduces the equations you will use. You may find it quite intimidating, though well within the scope of first year physics. Don’t start programming until you get specific instructions in the next section. You perform a simplified analysis based on energy conservation. The for the constant and what it represents. If you obtained the value for the constant from a source outside the course, cite that source in a comment. Keep the constant definitions together, and the print statements together. 3. Compute and print veq, the velocity of a point on the equator, in both [km/hr] and [m/s], using equations (3) and (4). 4. Compute and print vvert, the vertical velocity imparted by the cannon, using this solution to Equation (6): (10) = Notice that there is no dependence on m, the mass of the capsule. Watch the u...
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