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Assignment 1 Outline


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Unformatted text preview: orizontal velocity: 7XXX [m/s] Relative velocity: 7XXX [m/s] CANNON CALCULATIONS Tangent of angle: 0.266 [- Angle of inclination: 0.2XX [rad] 1X.X [deg] Time in cannon: in your code, submit this version. Sample Output: Match this as closely as possible RLC circuit analysis for Vs = (10+0j) volts RLC Series Electric Circuit Parameters: R = 10.00 ohms, L = 0.00100 Henrys, C = 1.00e- 06 farads Frequency of the circuit is: 60 Hertz Circuit Properties: Current: (1.42e- 05- 0.00377j) amperes Apparent power, 1st method: (0.00014207989578953929+0.0376932191673596j) [V.A] Apparent power, 2nd method: (0.00014207989578953926+0.03769321916735959j) [V.A] Apparent power, 3rd method: (0.00014207989578953929- 0.037693219167359605j) [V.A] Real power: 1.42e- 04 [W] Reactive power: 3.77e- 02 [V.A] S^2 is 1.42080e- 03 [W^2] P^2 + Q^2 is 1.42080E- 03 [W^2] The two are the same within 1e- 14! Programmed by the Instructors Date: Thu Jan 9 01:15:05 2014 End of processing COMP 1012 Winter 2014 Assignment 1 Page 9 of 11 Hand- in You will hand in your program script file. Also hand in the output produced by your code that looks like the example above (because the value of R is not the same for all of the students the results will be different). You also need to submit the result of running your code for the second voltage source. Question 4—Arctan Series and π [5 marks] Description Question 2 required you to evaluate the arctan function, which you can do using math.atan(value) to get theta, an angle in radians. Did you ever wonder how the computer (...
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