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Myplate emphasis on calorie balance and variety

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Unformatted text preview: s Exposed to fast food in large portion sizes Exposed Genetically-based, in-born processes to regulate appetite and satiety overwhelmed by conditions that influence decisions and food choice food MyPlate for Kids under development…. MyPlate Emphasis on calorie balance and variety Emphasis with smaller serving sizes with Fat Intake Fat Recommended fat intake for children and Recommended adolescents: 25-35% of total calories adolescents: As little saturated and trans fat as possible Increase omega-3 fatty acids EPA and Increase DHA DHA Status of Diets Status Children and adolescents consume: – Too few fruits, vegetables, and whole grains – Too little calcium and vitamin D – About half the recommended intake of dietary About fiber fiber Early Diet and Later Disease Early Cholesterol levels of children in U.S. higher than Cholesterol in countries where heart disease is lower in Obesity during adolescence associated with risk Obesity factors for heart disease: factors – – – High LDL-cholesterol Low HDL-cholesterol Increased blood pressure U.S. children consume more U.S. sodium than is recommended sodium Early Diet and Later Disease Early Obese children and adolescents at high risk for Obese obesity later in life, and: obesity – Type II diabetes – Heart disease – Bone & Joint Disorders ─ Hypertension ─ Some cancers Obesity lowers self-esteem, gives poor body Obesity image, and may contribute to eating disorders image, Nutrition is related to both current and future Nutrition health and quality of life for people of all ages health Adolescents with low calcium and vitamin D at Adolescents risk of osteoporosis risk Nutrition During Adolescence...
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