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Nutrition A Slides 04.11

Day of for all americans for 15 of older americans

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Unformatted text preview: also key in contributing to Physical life expectancy life Center for Disease Control and Prevention Prevention Study Findings, November 2004 1/3 Americans older than 65 are not getting any 1/3 leisure-time physical activity leisure-time Among all Americans: Among 2/3 of older Americans do not eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day of For all Americans: For 1/5 of older Americans are obese Among all adults: Among People who live longest have normal weights Life Expectancy Life http://www.nmfn.com/tn/learnctr--lifeevents--lo http://www.nmfn.com/tn/learnctr--lifeevents--lo Age Related Physiological Changes Changes Decreased – – – – – Saliva production Digestive secretions Lactase secretion GI motility Cardiac output – – – – – Blood volume Kidney function Liver function Immune function Vitamin absorption Increased – Blood pressure – Body fat – Bone loss Aging Affects on Nutrient Needs Aging ©2007 Thomson Higher Education Chronic Diseases Chronic Reducing Severity / Impact Correcting obesity and stabilizing weight Correcting may lengthen life expectancy may Following Dietary Guidelines for Following Americans means decreased death rates Americans in women at age 60 and above in Health status of adults not “fixed” by age Health “fixed” – Can change for better or worse Chronic Diseases Chronic Prevention through Diet Prevention High fruit and vegetable intake may delay or prevent: – cancers, heart disease, stroke, cataracts Antioxidants may protect against decline in Antioxidants cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease cognitive Adequate calcium and vitamin D along with Adequate physical activity help prevent: physical – osteoporosis Chronic Medical Conditions Chronic Most common or severe chronic conditions affecting persons aged 65+: affecting – – – – – – Hypertension (37%) Heart disease (15%) Arthritis (48%) Diabetes (10%) Hearing impairments (32%) Hearing Major depression (5-10%) 70% of older adults have > 1 chronic condition Osteoporosis Osteoporosis Risk Factors Gene...
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