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Nutrition A Slides 04.04 part 1

And improving aerobic fitness improving fitness in

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Unformatted text preview: Regular exercise benefits obese children by Regular lowering body fat, increasing bone density, and improving aerobic fitness improving Fitness in Children Fitness Fewer than 10% of public schools require Fewer physical activity daily physical Children undertake vigorous physical Children activity for 25 minutes per week activity Students should engage in moderate-tovigorous activities for an hour each day Schools should include physical activity as Schools part of curriculum part Fitness in Children Fitness Physical fitness goals should be stressed Physical above competitive or performance goals above Tests of physical fitness, such as muscle Tests strength and endurance, should be performed periodically on all children performed Results used to modify instruction and Results activities activities Fig. 28-CO, p.1 Key Concepts and Facts Key Endurance is affected by genetics, training, and Endurance nutrition nutrition Glycogen store status influenced by diet and Glycogen training training Abnormal menstrual cycles in female athletes can Abnormal be corrected with adequate caloric intake be Intense physical activity is fueled primarily by Intense glucose glucose Low-to-moderate intensity exercise is fueled by fats Most ergogenic aids do not improve performance Sports Nutrition Sports Three factors affect physical performance: – – – genetics training nutrition Genetics gives some people an innate edge in sprinting or endurance sprinting Proper training is imperative t...
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