Nutrition A Slides 04.04 part 1

Bad advice only 1 in 10 coaches has taken a nutrition

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Unformatted text preview: o success Proper Nutrition is often ignored or misunderstood Nutrition – Phony nutrition claims and bad advice – Only 1 in 10 coaches has taken a nutrition course Helpful Websites Helpful Gatorade Sports Science Institute American College of Sports Medicine (see “News Releases” for recent fitness/nutrition related articles) (see “News Runner’s World Government sites (search sports nutrition link) (search (search physical performance) Nutrition affects performance Nutrition Athletes’ llack of knowledge and desire for optimal ack performance makes them vulnerable to phony nutrition claims and bad dietary advice nutrition Only 1 in 10 coaches have had training in Only nutrition, yet nearly all regularly dispense nutritional advice nutritional Understanding role of nutrition in performance, Understanding and potential effects of ergogenic aids, can be ergogenic fostered by basic knowledge of how energy is formed and utilized within muscle cells formed Definitions Definitions ATP and ADP ATP = Adrenosine triphosphate ATP Adrenosine – energy-rich compound used for all energy-requiring processes in energy-rich the body the – Source of energy for muscle contraction – Formed from ADP ADP = Adrenosine diphosphate – Converted to ATP when it traps energy, ATP becomes ADP Converted again when energy released for muscular and other work again ATP formed: – Anaerobically (w...
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