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Better with a good supply of wrestlers glycogen and a

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Unformatted text preview: ing These are dangerous life-threatening These practices practices After the match wrestlers may binge and After regain the weight regain Wrestlers Wrestlers Wrestlers perform better with a good supply of Wrestlers glycogen and a normal amount of body water glycogen Fasting before weigh-in reduces glycogen stores Withholding fluids or losing water by sweating Withholding puts wrestler at risk of becoming dehydrated puts Trying to stay within a particular weight class may Trying also stunt a young wrestler’s growth also Recommendations Recommendations AMA and ASM recommend wrestling AMA weight be determined after six weeks of training and normal eating training A minimum of 7% body fat should be a minimum qualifier for assigning wrestlers to a weight class class Iron Status of Athletes Iron Iron status important in sports nutrition because Iron iron deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia decrease endurance decrease Iron is a component of hemoglobin Hemoglobin carries oxygen to cells and works Hemoglobin with enzymes involved in energy production with When iron stores or hemoglobin levels are low, When less oxygen is delivered to cells and less energy is produced than normal is Iron-deficiency anemia Iron-deficiency Female athletes are at higher risk of iron- deficiency anemia than other females It is recommended that female athletes It pay attention to amount of iron consumed and/or include an iron supplement daily and/or Ergogenic Aids Ergogenic Substances that claim t...
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