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Blood cholesterol concentrations decreased body fat

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Unformatted text preview: Duration of low- and moderate-intensity Duration exercises counts toward improved blood cholesterol concentrations, decreased body fat, and aerobic fitness body Using a Pedometer Using Most people average < 3000 steps per day Most 2000 steps = ~ 1 mile equivalent 2000 Establish baseline by tracking steps over several days and determining average days Increase by 1500 to 2000 steps a day for several Increase weeks – Add 10% to least active day Ex: lowest day = 2500 steps + 250 = 2750 steps – Do not go below this level on any day! Continue to increase steps per day in Continue increments until > 10,000 steps/day – Continue to add 10% to least active days Caloric Value of Exercise Caloric Some people prefer to base their aerobic Some exercise workout on a particular level of calories (such as 200), while others simply like to know how many calories they’’re re like burning off burning Cautionary Note Cautionary People with chronic disease such as People diabetes or hypertension, or out of shape and over 40, should consult a physician before starting exercise program before Moderate exercise programs (those Moderate undertaken at 40 to 60% of VO2 max) are undertaken beneficial and safe for almost everyone beneficial Fitness in Children Fitness Fitness advocates concerned by lack of physical Fitness activity in schools activity Inactive children likely to be overweight Love for physical activity and an active lifestyle Love often develop during childhood often...
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