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Nutrition A Slides 04.04 part 1

Caloric exercise requirements requirements calories

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Unformatted text preview: se leads to an increase in caloric Exercise requirements requirements – calories expended through activity – increased lean body mass (↑metabolic rate) This increase facilitates weight management Exercise and a stable caloric intake leads to Exercise greater weight loss than by reducing caloric intake alone intake Activity and Fitness Activity Overweight and thin people can both be physically fit According to the American College of Sports According Medicine (ACSM), fitness is measured by strength, endurance, and flexibility strength, – – – Strength is maximum force that muscles can produce Endurance is length of time muscles can perform Flexibility is a person’s range of motion Muscle Strength Muscle Muscles grow in size and strength when Muscles muscle cells increase in size muscle Muscle cell size increases in response to Muscle weight-bearing or resistance exercise weight-bearing Activities that require muscles to work hard Activities increase muscular strength increase Muscle Strength Muscle To increase muscle strength, lift or push To against a heavy weight against To increase muscle endurance, lift lighter To weights and push repeatedly weights Resistance training should have exercises Resistance for both muscle strength and endurance for Endurance Endurance Inherited traits and conditioning yield stamina Oxygen use corresponds to aerobic fitness Oxygen aerobic – Aerobic = oxygen utilization Aerobically fit means able to exercise longer Aerobic...
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