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Unformatted text preview: HS Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (Fall 2008) Americans Children and Adolescents -- One hour or more of moderate or vigorous aerobic physical activity a day, including vigorous intensity physical activity at least three days a week. Examples of moderate intensity aerobic activities days include hiking, skateboarding, bicycle riding and brisk walking. Vigorous intensity aerobic activities include bicycle riding, jumping rope, running and sports such as soccer, basketball and ice or field hockey. Children and adolescents should incorporate musclehockey. strengthening activities, such as rope climbing, sit-ups, and tug-of strengthening war, three days a week. Bone-strengthening activities, such as jumping rope, running and skipping, are recommended three days a week. week. HHS Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (Fall 2008) (Fall Adults -- Adults gain substantial health benefits from two and one half hours a week of moderate intensity aerobi...
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