Nutrition A Slides 04.04 part 1

Weight is lost and fluid urine remains pale yellow

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Unformatted text preview: For should maintain fluid balance throughout activity should Drink when thirsty, more if weight is lost during exercise Fluid balance is maintained when no weight is lost and Fluid urine remains pale yellow and normal volume urine Water is sufficient for exercise lasting less than an hour For exercise longer than an hour, water and a 4 to 8% For carbohydrate and electrolyte sports drink improves hydration and performance hydration Estimating Fluid Needs Estimating Sweat rate – Fluid loss per hour of Fluid exercise exercise – Sum of body weight loss Sum plus fluid intake plus Dehydration Dehydration Loss above 2% of body weight (2–4 Loss pounds) during an event indicates that body is dehydrated body Effects of dehydration depend on how Effects much body water is lost much Any amount of dehydration impairs Any physical performance physical Extreme dehydration can lead to heat Extreme exhaustion or heat stroke exhaustion People who over-exercise in hot People weather are likely to suffer heat exhaustion or heat stroke exhaustion These conditions occasionally occur in These seasoned athletes seasoned Heat exhaustion remedied by fluids and Heat electrolytes electrolytes Heat stroke requires emergency Heat medical care medical Hyponatremia and Excess Water Hyponatremia “hyponatremia” = sodium deficiency Sodium deficiency occurred in marathon Sodium athletes over the past few years athletes News caused renewed concern about News replacing sodium during exercise replaci...
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