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Nutrition B Slides 02.20

Benefits weight loss of 5 10 of body weight benefits

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Unformatted text preview: e antioxidant intake inadequate 10-15% weight loss decreases risks Weight Loss Benefits Weight Loss of 5-10% of body weight benefits the Loss overweight and obese overweight – Lowers blood insulin, triglycerides, glucose, Lowers and C-reactive protein and – Increases insulin sensitivity and HDL Increases cholesterol – Reduces risk of heart disease and diabetes – Decreased severity of sleep apnea – Reduced symptoms of degenerative joint Reduced disease disease – Improved gynecological conditions Assessment of Overweight and Obesity Obesity Body Mass Index Body –Weight (kg)/height (m2) –Weight (lb)/height (in2) x 703 – Table Table Waist Circumference Waist –High risk: Men >102 cm (40 in.) Men >102 Women >88 cm (35 in.) Women >88 Strategies for Weight Loss and Maintenance Maintenance Dietary therapy Physical activity Behavior therapy “Combined” therapy Pharmacotherapy Weight loss surgery NHLBI Obesity Treatment Guidelines Guidelines Increase Physical Activity Increase • • • Most important in preventing weight regain Most Health benefits independent of weight loss Start slowly and increase gradually — Can be single session or intermittent — Start with walking 30 minutes 3 Start days/week days/week — Increase to 45 minutes 5 or more Increase days/week days/week — Encourage increased “lifestyle” Encourage activities activities Physical Activity and Weight Control Physical Regular physical...
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