Nutrition B Slides 02.20

Nutrition B Slides 02.20

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Unformatted text preview: egies: – Eat a diet low in total fat – Frequent self-monitoring of body weight and Frequent food intake food – High levels of regular physical activity Small, Acceptable Changes Small, Gradual losses in body fat do not require Gradual dramatic changes in diet or activity level dramatic Reduction in food intake of 100 Reduction calories/day can produce a 10-pound weight-loss/year Take Action: Small Steps Take For Healthy Eating – – – – – – – – Eat cereal for breakfast Eat fruit before dinner Eat more vegetables Eat than meat than Drink skim milk Switch from soft drink to Switch flavored water flavored Stop eating when full Eat only when hungry Reduce dessert size For Physical Activity – – – – – – – – – Add 2000 steps Park farther away 10-minute walk in park Lift weight while Lift watching TV (10 min) Do 10 sit-ups Use the stairs Walk neighbor’s dog Jump rope 2 minutes Dance 5 minutes What to Expect What Expect gradual weight loss with peaks, Expect valleys, and plateaus – not a straight downward curve downward Sometimes weight will be gained Small changes should become an Small enjoyable part of daily life enjoyable...
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