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Nutrition B Slides 02.20

Of colorado despite obesity having strong genetic

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Unformatted text preview: . Weight Control Registry, Univ. of Colorado: "Despite obesity having strong genetic determinants, the genetic composition of the population does not change rapidly. Therefore, the large increase in . . . [obesity] must reflect major changes in non-genetic factors." Obesity Obesity Contributing Factors Caloric consumption Changing food Changing environment environment Broadened food Broadened choices choices Change in eating Change habits habits Food away from Food home home Portion sizes Energy density Diet and Obesity Diet Weight gain results when more energy is Weight consumed than expended consumed Americans’ calorie intake has risen over the past calorie decades decades – Inexpensive, energy-dense foods – Fast-food restaurants, all-you-can-eat buffets – Larger portions of food Obesity Obesity Contributing Factors Caloric Utilization Resting Metabolic Resting Rate Rate Physical Activity – – – Occupational work Household chores Leisure time activity Thermic Effect of Thermic Food Food Body Mass Index Body Body mass index Body (BMI) (BMI) – An indicator of body An weight status based on a person’s height person – Calculated as Calculated kilograms per meter square...
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