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Nutrition B Slides 01.30

Expected to be safe at the labeled dosage at fda can

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Unformatted text preview: duct Manufacturers must provide government with evidence Manufacturers that the supplement is “reasonably expected to be safe” at the labeled dosage at FDA can take action if the supplement is either unsafe or FDA mislabeled mislabeled Regulation of Dietary Supplements Regulation Manufacturer expected to ensure: – safety of ingredients – label information is accurate – declared contents matches container contents New FDA actions… New Banned the weight-loss/stimulant herb Banned ephedra in December 2003 ephedra Other weight-loss ingredients under Other scrutiny by FDA: – bitter orange – aristolochic acid aristolochic – usnic acid Quality Assurance Quality Dietary supplements may not contain amounts Dietary and ingredients declared on the label, some contain bacteria, mold, and lead contain – Yet, dietary supplements often labeled “pure,” Yet, “natural,” or “quality assured” “natural,” No government body monitors contents of herbal No supplements supplements – New regulations for dietary supplements are being New considered by FDA considered Private groups offer testing services – US Pharmacopeia (USP) – National Formulary (NF) – Consumer Laboratories (CL) Before purchasing or taking a dietary supplement consider: supplement Your own dietary intake and personal health Your status (including any medications you may be taking) taking) What are the supplement’’s claims, and are they s valid? valid? How do the active ingredients work in the body? How much of the ingredient does the How supplement contain? supplement Is there scientific evidence to support the Is claims? claims? How much, how often, and for how long is it safe How for you to take this supplement? for What are the potential risks or side effects? Is the cost worth the benefit? Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Vitamin Multi-vitamin and mineral supplements Multi-vitamin have lower bioavailability than single supplements supplements Bioavailability – Amount of a nutrient consumed that is Amount available for absorption and use by the body available – M...
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