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Ingredients such as fillers non dietary artificial

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Unformatted text preview: ame of the plant and the name of the plant part used of – Non-dietary ingredients such as fillers, Non-dietary artificial color, sweeteners, flavors, or binders in order of predominance in Supplement Health Claims Supplement May include FDA approved statements of health May claims as approved for food products claims Health-related claims* may be made about the Health-related effect of the supplement on the “structure or function” of the body or “general well-being” function” Claims* related to reducing the risk of nutrition Claims* deficiency diseases also acceptable deficiency *If claims are made, the label must include: “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food This and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” to FDA Approved Food Label Health Claims FDA Approved High in calcium, vitamin D High in fiber-containing grain products, fruits & vegetables products, High in fruits & vegetables High in fiber High Low in fat Low in saturated fat & cholesterol Low Low in sodium High in folate (folic acid) High in soluble fiber Soy protein Carbohydrate sweeteners Carbohydrate Plant sterols/stanols Osteoporosis Cancer Cancer Heart disease Heart Cancer Cancer Heart disease High blood pressure Neural tube defects Heart disease Heart disease Dental caries Dental Heart disease ACCEPTABLE STRUCTURE FUNCTION CLAIMS FUNCTION Helps maintain cardiovascular Helps function Promotes healthy cholesterol level Promotes healthy joints Supports regularity, healthy intestinal flora Promotes urinary tract health Supports the immune system Improves absentmindedness Reduces stress and frustration UNACCEPTABLE DISEASE UNACCEPTABLE (DRUG) CLAIMS Protect against heart disease Protect Lowers cholesterol level Reduces pain of arthritis Alleviates constipation; laxative Prevents urinary tract infections; improves urine flow in men over the age of 50; diuretic Helps patients with reduced or compromised immune function Helps cognitive functioning in the elderly Herbal prozac Regulation of Dietary Supplements Regulation FDA does not currently require: Testing for: Testing – safety safety – effectiveness – interaction Approval before supplement is produced and sold New ingredients introduced after 1994: Manufacturer must notify FDA 75 days before the Manufacturer product is to be introduced pro...
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