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Of some nutrients may reduce absorption and high

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Unformatted text preview: pt for No potassium potassium Potential adverse effects – fatigue, diarrhea, hair loss – kidney stones, liver damage, nerve damage, birth defects Taking high levels for a prolonged time can be toxic – fat-soluble vitamins (A and D) Can result in nutrient-nutrient imbalances/interactions – high doses of some nutrients may reduce absorption and high utilization of other nutrients utilization Copper can interfere with the absorption of zinc Iron can interfere with calcium absorption Herbal Supplements Herbal Herbs in the field of medicine can be defined as: – Crude drugs of vegetable origin utilized for the Crude treatment of disease states or to attain or maintain a condition of improved health condition In the medicinal sense, herbs are “diluted” drugs In “diluted” Herbal supplements are regulated by FDA as Herbal foods and do not undergo the same stringent approval process as drugs approval Many herbs contain toxins in addition to active Many “useful” components “useful” Herbal Remedies Herbal 21% of U.S. adults use herbal supplements 550 primary herbs with 1800 names Plant products that fight disease are drugs Many have drug-like effects – Biologically active ingredients may have positive, Biologically negative, or neutral effects negative, – Many risks and benefits are unknown Popular Herbal Supplements Popular Gingko Biloba – Benefits for memory or cognitive function unclear – Possible GI upset, may interact with anticoagulants and promote Possible bleeding bleeding Garlic Supplements – Inconclusive evidence for fighting heart disease – Possible side effects include allergic reactions, GI upset, and increased Possible blood-clotting blood-clotting Echinacea – Not demonstrated to prevent or reduce cold or flu symptoms – Rare side effects, no known drug interactions Saw Palmetto – Inconclusive evidence that reduces enlargement of prostate tissue Inconclusive – Rare side effects, no known drug interactions Ginseng – Not demonstrated to boost immune function or disease resistance – Inconclusive that helps control blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics – Rare side effects, may interact with anticoagulants and certain Rare antidepressants antidepressants Effects of Herbal Remedies Effects Herbals have active ingredients Knowledge of risks and benefits incomplete Herbs’ risk to health depends on: – amount and duration of use – age and health...
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