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Paper 3 - Daniel Nechamkin Fisheries Counting the Last Fish...

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Daniel Nechamkin Fisheries: Counting the Last Fish While we don’t notice a difference in amounts of fish at our local markets, there has certainly been an increasingly short amount of fish in our oceans. There have been records of mass amounts of fish in certain areas, while today they are bare. Fishers have depleted the sources, and are now looking at greater depths than they used to. How long will it be before the fish population is gone? In 1982 the United Nations created the Convention on the Law of the Sea, which effectively limited marine zones to a country’s border. This started out with a good affect, but soon after countries began to exploit their own sources of fish. Countries either wanted to make sure foreign countries wouldn’t find any fish there or were pressured into making a deal that would allow a foreign country to fish there. It has been theorized that fishers have been fishing down the “food web”. In other words they were killing off the highest predators until they were rare, then finding those
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