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Assignment for 2-6-08

Assignment for 2-6-08 - of diabetes however this article...

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Daniel Nechamkin 2/6/2008 NURS 231A National Diabetes Fact Sheet 2005 After reading the National Diabetes Fact Sheet (2005) I found the most interesting part to be the paragraph mentioning American Indians and Alaska Natives. It shocked me that this people yielded the highest percentage of people with diabetes. The American-Indians who I know maintain a very healthy diet and are in great shape. However, this fact sheet says that 26.7% of Native Americans living in the Southern US are diagnosed with diabetes. The fact that more than one in four southern Native Americans has diabetes really surprises me. If I were to guess, I would think that white Americans have the highest percentage
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Unformatted text preview: of diabetes; however, this article states that only around 8% of the white population has it. Statistics out there mention how much of the white population in the United States is obese. I watch video clips that portray America as a “fast food nation”. The primary race I see in these videos is white. I never see Native Americans at fast food restaurants, and the Native Americans I see always appear to be in good shape. Because of all this, I would think that obesity should translate to a higher diabetes rate amongst white Americans and a lower diabetes rate amongst American Indians....
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