Ethics-Krusty - Leno suggests that people want...

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Keylee Sutherland April 4 th , 2008 Table 9 The Last Temptation of Krusty Krusty begins his journey as an ethical egoist. He was forced to do a standup comedy night as part of getting his community service hours in. Krusty makes a series of jokes all of which only Bart laugh at. No one, but Bart, thought his jokes were funny, and he found his humor “dated”. After the show Bart is comforting him and trying to find excuses such as “the acoustics were bad in the auditorium”. Krusty’s sinks into a depression after he realizes he has failed miserably, and goes on a “bend to end all benders”. Bart walks outside and see’s Krusty on the lawn hangover and brings him in. After waking up Krusty tries to fix his hair by looking in a “mirror” and tries to get the tack out. After Bart points out that it’s a poster and he has all of the Krusty figurines He looks around and notices all of the figurines he has endorsed and realizes he is a “sell out.” Bart and Jay Leno try to help Krusty turn around his career.
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Unformatted text preview: Leno suggests that people want “observational humor”. Bart does a preview for him in his living room In front of his family where he “falls flat on his face”. After a turnaround career which was started when he was announcing his retirement at Krustylu studios. Krusty then begins his promising career. Everyone loves him and they are hanging on his every word. Krusty even convinces a crowd to burn their money. Krusty was listening to what the people wanted and began to do what pleased them. The reporter said “the truth is funny”. Krusty is then conforming his comedy to make others laugh. After two executives approach him he is torn by being a “sell out” or being funny and making others laugh. He of course accepts the contract for being the spokes man for the Canyonero. Krusty was giving up the one thing that made him happy, being a sellout, just to make others happy. Then Krusty stated “It ain’t comedy in my blood, it’s selling out”...
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Ethics-Krusty - Leno suggests that people want...

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