D s d p b 2 points use the relationship and

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Unformatted text preview: to 0.2Km The rate goes from k2[E]0.1/1.1= 0.0909 k2[E] to k2[E]0.2/1.2= 0.1667 k2[E] or an 83% increase. 3. a change in [S] from Km to 2Km The rate goes from 0.5k2[E] to k2[E]2/3= 0. 667 k2[E] or a 33% increase. Thus, the higher the concentration, the smaller the change in the rate for a doubling of the substrate concentration. d [S ] d [ P] b. (2 points) Use the relationship ! and the initial condition that [S]=[So] and = dt dt [P]=0 to derive a relation between [S] and [P]. SOLUTION Multiply both sides by dt. Thus,  ­d[S]=d[P] We’ll need to integrate from the initia...
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