Note that the term cost of goods manufactured refers

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Unformatted text preview:  ­‑37 (25 ­‑30min.) Income statement and schedule of cost of goods                                manufactured. PowellCorporation IncomeStatement FortheYearEndedDecember31,2013 (inmillions) Revenue Costofgoodssold:  Beginningfinishedgoods,Jan.1,2013  Costofgoodsmanufactured(below)  Costofgoodsavailableforsale   Endingfinishedgoods,Dec.31,2013 Grossmargin Marketing,distribution,andcustomer ­‑servicecosts Operatingincome  PowellCorporation ScheduleofCostofGoodsManufactured FortheYearEndedDecember31,2013 (inmillions) Directmaterialscosts:  Beginninginventory,Jan.1,2013  Purchasesofdirectmaterials  Costofdirectmaterialsavailableforuse  Endinginventory,Dec.31,2013   Directmaterialsused Directmanufacturinglabourcosts Indirectmanufacturingcosts:  Indirectmanufacturinglabour  Plantsuppliesused  Plantutilities  Amortization—plant,building,andequipment  Plantsupervisorysalaries  Misc...
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